Crosscreek is located at 600 Crosscreek Trail, Pelham, AL 35124

Phone: 205-663-4886


Brandon Hudson, Pastor

Dixie Ford,  Minister of Worship and Families


Crosscreek partners for ministry with other Baptists and Christians in our community, our state, and the world. Through the following partnerships, Crosscreek helps express the love of God:

Crosscreek Family Services — a center for pastoral counseling housed at Crosscreek;

Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship — a statewide fellowship of Baptist churches;

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship — a global fellowship of Baptist churches and missionaries;

Shelby Baptist Association — a local sharing of ministry among Baptists;

Together for Hope, Arkansas – a ministry of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s rural poverty initiative that seeks, through Christian ministry and community development, to encourage and empower the people of Helena, Arkansas.

Global Women— an ecumenical ministry that seeks a world where every woman is empowered by the love of God, valued by her community, and equipped to fulfill her unique purpose. The ministry of Global Women (GW) is conducted worldwide in partnership with indigenous Christian women leaders and women called to serve outside their native country.

AA — six recovery groups meet throughout the week at Crosscreek.  


Membership – Recognizing the variety of practices among the Christian traditions, Crosscreek receives as members people who profess faith in Jesus as Savior regardless of the way they were baptized. All who come to faith while at Crosscreek are baptized by immersion during a service of worship.

Worship – “Warm liturgical” best characterizes worship at Crosscreek. With robed clergy, weekly litanies, and attention to the seasons of the church year, Crosscreek seeks to honor God with well planned and historically rooted worship. Both familiar and new hymns, meaningful children’s moments, and joyful fellowship (along with informal attire) combine with the liturgy to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere of worship.

Theology – Crosscreek identifies with the “moderate movement” within Baptist life. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is authoritative for our lives and faith. We also cherish the historic Baptist principles of the separation of church and state, local church autonomy, and the priesthood of the believer.

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